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Tyrone Bell: Muscle Intelligence – Mind-Muscle Connection

This week, Tyrone Bell explains the importance of mind-muscle connection. “Today we’re taking a good ol’, scientific look at the concept of mind-muscle… Read More

James Grage: Mission Shred – Episode 9

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Should Football Players Take Creatine?

Creatine is one of the most heavily-researched supplements out there, and despite misconceptions, it is not a steroid. Creatine is produced naturally in your… Read More

Dr. O: You’re Going to Lose Muscle on a Ketogenic Diet

James Grage: Last time you and I spoke, we talked about ketogenic diets, we talked about a traditional keto diet vs. a modified… Read More

Tyrone Bell: Muscle Intelligence – Occlusion Training

Tyrone Bell, BPI Sports’ Training Expert, is back with another edition of Muscle Intelligence. This week we’re talking about occlusion training, also known as… Read More

Games to Gains: Episode 10

This episode of Games to Gains begins at the BPI Sports 1.M.R™ launch event at The Gym on Fort Lauderdale Beach. James Grage brings… Read More

Summer Weight Loss Advice for Men

Women aren’t the only ones who worry about what they look like at the pool or the beach. As summer approaches, many men are… Read More

What to Expect from Pre-workouts

Whether it is in the gym, at our jobs or in our sport— we all want to perform better. Most of us could benefit… Read More

Winter Olympics-Inspired Exercises: Part 1

The Winter Olympics are upon us! It’s the time of year to get inspired by the world’s most dedicated athletes. Athletes that spend their… Read More

How to Stack the Liquid Water Enhancers

You already know how easy the Liquid Water Enhancers are to use, now let’s talk about how easily you can incorporate them into your… Read More

How Often Should I Test My One-Rep Max?

This time of year, many people new to fitness will begin flocking to the gyms, intent on starting their fitness journey. But for some… Read More