Alex Davies Main Hero

Alex Davies

WBFF Pro | Aerospace Engineer

If you think that someone can only have either brains or brawn, then you haven’t met Alex Davies. When he’s not in the gym, this WBFF Pro doubles as an Aerospace Engineer who’s worked on space shuttle programs for Mars!

AGE: 29 HEIGHT: 6' / 183cm WEIGHT: 220lbs / 100kg ETHNICITY: British

Extended Bio

With all the stories of children being bullied in school nowadays, it’s encouraging to know that there can be a happy ending. Alex Davies originally sought out sports to help him escape the bullies at his school. He started with rugby, moved on to boxing and eventually found himself in the bodybuilding world.

Today, Alex is a WBFF Pro and a muscle model. He loves to work hard, laugh and enjoy life. He wants to be the best in the world. In the gym, he loves to train legs. He explains that they were the hardest to build and even harder to condition, so as you can tell, he doesn’t shy away from a challenge – even when that challenge requires sending a space shuttle to Mars.

That’s right. Alex Davies isn’t just a pretty face. He’s also crazy smart. Like, Aerospace Engineer smart. A self-proclaimed nerd, Alex loves fighter jets and helicopters. At his “day job,” he’s worked alongside the European Space Agency to send a space shuttle program to Mars. No big deal.