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Aline Barreto doesn’t let motherhood stop her from fulfilling her fitness goals. For the past five years, she’s placed 16 times in various competitions due to self-discipline and perseverance.

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Most women who are mothers will tell you that they don’t have time for a fitness regimen.

However, athlete and fitness model, Aline Barreto is different from most mothers. Aline is a 10-time first place winner in both fitness and wellness categories. She’s placed a total of 16 times in various competitions.

She says when it comes to wellness, fitness and sports she has one motto—discipline and perseverance are the keys to success.

Aline also credits her strides in fitness to BPI Sports products. She includes six supplements in her workout routine and says they do wonders for her.

“I take one RoxyLean™ capsule in the morning [when] I’m fasting to suppress my appetite,” she says. Aline takes two capsules of Garcinia + Carnitine for energy  daily—once in the morning and 30 minutes before her afternoon meal. “Before a training session I add a scoop of Best Creatine™ to my drink for a better performance,” Aline says. She also adds Best BCAA™ to her drink during her training. After her workout she takes ISO HD™ for rapid muscle recovery. “I finish my daily supplement intake with a capsule of Nite Burn, which improves my quality of sleep and helps me with weight loss,” Aline says.

The self-proclaimed warrior started weight training at the age of 16 after she wanted to add more curves to her thin frame. Twelve years later, she was competing in bodybuilding competitions in the IFBB Brazil wellness fitness category.

Now, Aline wants to motivate people to be physically fit.

“My goal is to continue motivating people to [do more] physical activity,” she says. “People need to know that weight training and practicing healthy eating habits will give you a better quality of life.”



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