Chanel DeLisser

Chanel DeLisser

Entrepreneur | Fitness Influencer

Chanel DeLisser’s journey into fitness began while she was studying for her Master’s degree. At the hospital where she completed her rounds, she often saw patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses that could be prevented with diet and exercise. This motivated her to seek out a trainer and begin to transform her body. Today, she is not just a licensed Occupational Therapist, but also a fitness celebrity and member of #TeamBPI.

AGE: 25 HEIGHT: 5'3" / 160cm WEIGHT: 140lbs / 64kg ETHNICITY: African American

Extended Bio

While Chanel DeLisser is best known in the gym for her well-defined abs and herculean pull-up routines, this beauty’s brains are equally as impressive as her physique. Chanel has a Master’s of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and currently works as a licensed Occupational Therapist. She is also a designer with her own clothing line called “CoCo Cabana.”

For almost two years, Chanel has shared her fitness journey with her social media followers and has received incredibly positive feedback. People from all around the world have been inspired by Chanel’s efforts. Upon discovering the impact she had on others, Chanel was compelled to share what she learned with her own group fitness classes — Coco’s Total Body FIT-CAMP. At her group fitness classes, Chanel teaches her keys to staying fit including training, nutrition and proper supplementation with BPI Sports supplements.

“Whenever I use Best BCAA™ w/ Energy before a workout, not only does it sharpen my focus, but it also pushes my energy levels to the MAX! It almost makes me feel unstoppable and as if I am the only person in the gym at that moment in time. I live for this type of energy and focus because these are the moments where I discover most of my strength.”

For 2018 and beyond, Chanel says she is working towards becoming stronger both mentally and physically. She will continue to challenge herself to be her best and inspire people along the way. “I want to become the best ME I can possibly be. The gym is therapeutic for me, and it serves as my source of peace. It’s the only place in the world where I am forced to focus on myself with no distractions. Each and every day I discover new things that my body can do and this excites me.”