Janine Delaney

Janine Delaney

Ph.D. Psychology | Wellness Coach

Fitness has always been an integral part of Janine Delaney’s life. She danced ballet professionally at a young age, taught exercise & nutrition classes in college and entered her first Figure Competition at the age of 43. Now she’s known as the “Jump Rope Queen.”

AGE: 50 HEIGHT: 5’3 WEIGHT: 118 lbs. ETHNICITY: Italian, Armenian


One look at tiny, 5’3 Janine Delaney would never reveal all that this inspiring woman is capable of.

Janine is a mom, a Wellness Coach, a Dr. of Psychology and a lifelong athlete. She started as a ballet dancer when she was young but gave up that dream to pursue her education. To stay active, she taught exercise & nutrition classes through college. At the age of 43, she decided to compete in a bodybuilding show, but instead of entering the bikini division, she put on 15 lbs. of muscle and entered the figure division. Today, she is enjoying being 50 years young! She ziplines over mountains, challenges professional handball players to their own game and even sky dives!

When Janine isn’t getting physical, she loves spending time with her two, teenage daughters. She considers them her best friends and lives by the motto, “The family that plays together, stays together.”