Jojo Riley

IFBB Bikini Pro

Jojo Riley was the very first Ms. Bikini Olympia Amateur overall winner in the United States. But as a kid, she was overweight. It wasn't until she realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle that she made the changes necessary to reach her true potential.

AGE: 28 HEIGHT: 5'5" WEIGHT: 130 ETHNICITY: Jamaican

Jojo Riley wanted to play sports in high school. However, she was overweight and out of shape. The longer she ignored her health, the more serious it became. She was lazy, sluggish and had occasional heart pains. Looking back on her family medical history, she realized she was at risk for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. That was enough to scare her into making some changes.

Luckily, her mom, Loleta, had been in the bodybuilding industry for over 30 years. She helped guide Jojo as she made small changes daily and started to see results. Her transformation started to motivate others, and soon they were coming to her for advice. This only pushed Jojo more, and she continued to work harder and harder to perfect her craft.

Today, Jojo is an IFBB Pro who has competed in multiple regional shows. Her hero remains her mother.

"I watched her single-handedly raise my brother and I while growing a business from the ground up and building a legacy in this industry. She is the foundation of our globally known team, Team Loleta."