Neil Currey


Neil Currey used to play professional soccer in England. But after an ankle injury left him on the sidelines, he turned to bodybuilding to stay active. Now, he has set his sights on the Olympia stage.

AGE: 30 HEIGHT: 5'11" WEIGHT: 216 lbs. ETHNICITY: British

Although bodybuilding was not his original path when it comes to fitness, Neil Currey doesn’t seem to be any less motivated. Since entering the competitive world, Neil has competed in over 10 shows. However, the highlight of his career so far was winning his IFBB Pro Card in Venice, Italy.

Now, his goal is to reach the Olympia stage. And that seems to be his singular focus. When asked what he likes to do outside of the gym, Neil responded that he doesn’t indulge in other hobbies because he simply doesn’t have time.

With that mentality, we won’t be surprised to see him go the distance.