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Roelly Winklaar

“The Beast” | IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Roelly “The Beast” Winklaar always showed an interest in bodybuilding. However, he did not pursue it as a career until a near-fatal car accident in 2004. As he recovered, he realized he’d been wasting his potential, and immediately set his sights on going pro.

AGE: 42 HEIGHT: 5'6" WEIGHT: 320 lbs. ETHNICITY: Curacaoan


Roelly Winklaar was born on Curacao, a Dutch island in the south Caribbean. However, when his father was killed in a motorcycle accident, Roelly’s mother moved the family to the Netherlands.

From a young age, Roelly and his brother were interested in bodybuilding. They both competed in amateur shows and did well. Then, in 2004, Roelly was in a terrible car accident. His near-death experience brought him to the realization that he was wasting his talents in amateur shows. His true calling was to be a professional bodybuilder.

He sought out Sibil Peeters, a former bodybuilder and well-known trainer, to help him go pro. Five years later, at the 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championships, Roelly claimed his pro card.

Today, he’s one of the best-known bodybuilders in the world. His incredible size and symmetry have earned him a top-five placement in almost every show he’s entered since 2010. Most recently, Roelly took fifth in the 2019 Mr. Olympia and third in the 2019 Arnold Classic Australia.