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Ryall Graber

Ms. Fitness International | 9x IFBB Champion

Ryall Graber grew up in Alberta, Canada. She was an active child, always skiing, playing volleyball or soccer. However, she felt scrawny and weak. At that point, she never would’ve guessed she’d go on to be a bodybuilding pro.

AGE: 41 HEIGHT: 5'4" WEIGHT: 125 ETHNICITY: Canadian


Ryall Graber is one of the most accomplished female bodybuilders of all time. But it wasn’t always that way.

In 2001, she was suffering from chronic digestion and bowel issues, always felt exhausted and was even hospitalized. She realized that the foods she thought were healthy were actually making her sick and decided to make a change.

Ryall hired a trainer and a nutritionist. She completely overhauled her lifestyle and started to feel like a brand new person. In fact, she felt so good, she decided to see how far she could go. She trained for nine months and won her first-ever fitness competition!

Since then, Ryall has competed all over the world. She’s a nine-time IFBB Champion, the 2019 Ms. Fitness International and runs her own online coaching business. She’s learned a lot about her body and credits the experience she’s gained with her longevity in the sport of bodybuilding.