Steven Cao - Team BPI - Main Hero

Steven Cao

IFBB Pro | YouTube Star

With a body like his, it’s hard to believe that Steven Cao is only 22 years old. But that’s what happens when you supplement with the highest-quality products! BPI Sports has always been the go-to for this fitness model and competitor.

AGE: 23 HEIGHT: 5'11" / 180cm WEIGHT: 190lbs / 86kg ETHNICITY: Vietnamese / French

Extended Bio

Steven Cao started going to the gym when he was just 16 years old, without a clue as to what he was doing. It took him several years to perfect his training, but it wasn’t until he mastered his diet plan that his results really stood out. Now look at him!

After a 3-month hiatus due to an inguinal hernia that required surgery, Steven won the overall at his first ever competition, the John Kemper Classic! Since then, he has also placed fifth in the NPC Nationals.

Now, when he isn’t racking up 1.5 million+ views on his YouTube channel, Steven Cao is helping others reach their goals. Whether his clients want to bulk up or cut, he offers one-on-one supplementation, nutrition and training guidance.

Keep an eye out for Steven this year at the national shows where he’ll be competing for his IFBB Pro Card!