Thaissa Salvador Marvila


Fitness runs in Thaissa Salvador Marvila’s blood. Her dad and step-mom are both BPI athletes and she’s the youngest BPI member on the team. A three-time winner in the fitness category, Thaissa has been training since she was 7 years old, inspiring others to be fearless.

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Extended Bio

When it comes to the fitness world, Thaissa Salvador Marvila is no novice. The Bikini Model and Bodybuilder has been training since she was 7 years old. The winner of three fitness titles, Thaissa wants to inspire people to achieve their training and health goals.

“My goal is motivating people to do physical activity, especially weight training,” says the model who has 14 years of training under her belt. “I encourage people to have [healthy] eating habits so that [they] can have a better quality of life.”

With her penchant for healthy training, it’s no wonder that Thaissa uses BPI Sports products.

The full-time student attributes her drive for working out to her parents. “My parents are inspiring,” Thaissa says. “They always motivate me.”

Thaissa channels that motivation into competing in higher-level championships such as the Southern States NPC and the Prestige Crystal Cup.

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Thaissa Salvador Marvila