"The Blueprint" Matt Morgan

Former WWE Superstar

You probably know "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan from his days as a WWE Superstar, or maybe from his time on American Gladiator. But what you might not know is that he’s a husband, father and a Men’s Classic Physique competitor.

AGE: 47 HEIGHT: 7'0" WEIGHT: 305 lbs ETHNICITY: Caucasian

Imagine a seven-foot-tall, 300-lb. man who is both a former WWE Superstar and American Gladiator.

That’s the reality of “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan. This larger-than-life star put his size to good use in Hollywood, but hasn’t stopped there. Now, he’s turned to bodybuilding. Originally, Matt got into fitness after watching his wife compete in bodybuilding. Since then, he has placed in the top 5 multiple times competing in Men’s Classic Physique.

So why BPI Sports? Long before he was a sponsored athlete, Matt purchased BPI products with his own, “hard-earned” money. He believes in the quality of the products, which made him feel like he was being true to himself when he joined the team, instead of like a “used car salesman.”