In this 60 Day Revolution episode, BPI Sports Co-Founder James Grage puts together the ULTIMATE 60 Day complete workout program with Muscle & Fitness.
What is the 60 Day Revolution? Muscle & Fitness magazine and James Grage teamed together to create the ULTIMATE 60 Day complete workout plan for beginners and advanced users. Each workout has a variety of options to choose from leaving you with a plan you can follow all year long.

A little more about 60 Day Revolution: Spearheaded by James, co-founder of BPI Sports, the 60 Day Revolution is the result of a collaboration between Grage, M&F editors and fitness experts Nerijus Bagdonas, Kyle Hunt and Jim Sayih. They strived to create a complete training program, from workouts to nutrition, that could get you big, strong, lean, and athletic while deftly maneuvering your body around plateaus, spiking intensity and backing off at just the right times. On top of that, they wanted to make the workouts fun, engaging competition between peers, and delivering a wholly unique experience. This full body workout program has a solid foundation to guarantee progress, yet varied and flexible enough to keep interest piqued. Best of all: the 60 day mark isn’t an end point, but a beginning, with the guidance to learn how to build your own long-term program