Fitness expert James Grage discusses the benefits of the deadlift exercise on back day versus the benefit of the deadlift on leg day1

There truly is no right or wrong answer to whether to incorporate dead lifts on back or leg day, but I will share with how I fit it into my training. When it comes to my leg training I rarely do both deads and squats in the same session. When choosing between the two, just for leg development I’ll always go for the squat. I still love dead lifts and believe they are a great leg exercise, for strengthening and adding mass to your back. By incorporating them into my back training session, it makes for a killer back workout but I also get the added benefit of strengthening and building my lower body. Just remember that you build muscle in the recovery phase, so make sure to separate your leg and back training by a few days so you get adequate rest between – otherwise you’re going to risk overtraining those muscles.