Hey guys! My name is Chris MacKenzie, and I am the National Sales Director for BPI Sports. I’ve been training in the gym a LONG time, since high school in the 1980s. I bought my first nutritional supplements back in those days – so trust me when I tell you I’ve been at this thing for a while now. I consider myself to be blessed working here at BPI because I am one of those lucky people who have been able to forge a career born out of something that I love.

For whatever reason, I was born with a love of weight training. I was in 6th grade when I started asking my parents for a bench press. The fact that I actually “enjoy” training is a factor in my training philosophy. I try to train as hard as I can. Every workout. My goal is to constantly push myself into new territory. If I clear a given weight for 8 reps during a workout, I’ll set my mind on getting 9 next time. It is a slow, consistent game. Every rep, every set, every day. Week in…week out. It all adds up, it all matters.