Whether it’s Monday, aka “International Chest Day”, or any other day of the week, this is the video for anyone in the mood to build some serious mass. BPI Athlete and owner of Legion Training, Tyrone Bell, takes you through his three Mass-Building Chest Exercises that DO NOT require barbells.

1) Hammer Dumbbell Press (with a twist): Laying on a flat bench, put your dumbbells up as if you were performing a normal “dumbbell chest press”.only this time, at the top, twist the dumbbells and squeeze the pecs causing a deeper contraction in your chest. Deeper contraction = greater stimulus towards mass development.

2) Incline Dumbbell Flys with a Load Stretch: Start in your typical dumbbell fly position, only this time, hold the dumbbells out in the bottom stretch position for 1-2 seconds on each rep.

3) Incline Dumbbell Press (with a shortened range of motion): When performing an incline dumbbell press, stop the dumbbells 1-2 inches from your chest at the low position, and stop just short at the top of the press. This will increase the stress in your upper pecs. Slowing down the movement will give your chest even more stimulus.

Tyrone Bell