BPI Sports athlete and owner of Legion Training, Tyrone Bell, breaks down one of the most widely researched supplements in the fitness industry -creatine. In the video, Tyrone takes you through the benefits of creatine, why you should take it, and how you should be using it.

Tyrone asks, “Who should supplement with creatine and when?” According to Tyrone, creatine is considered an “energy supplement” that acts as an energy source allowing your body to access it immediately. This energy source is perfect for explosive, short burst movements.

Secondly, creatine is responsible for pulling water into the muscle cells. Hydration in the muscle cells help your cells remain anabolic, which is ideal for lean muscle development.

When everything is on point, but progress has started to slow, supplementing with Best Creatine™ can help boost your anabolic environment and enhance your workout performance.