4 Proven Ways to Keep Your Testosterone Levels From Dropping

July 27, 2022

by Roger Lockridge

If you were to ask men what their biggest concerns are as they get older, one of the first answers they will give is that they don’t want their testosterone levels to suffer or decline. The main male sex hormone (women have small amounts as well) helps us maintain muscle, hair growth, and supports our bodies as we age in numerous other ways. Unfortunately, many men simply assume that once they hit a certain age, it’s going to be a roller coaster downhill slope. However, this isn’t a fate you have to accept. There are ways you can provide support for yourself and maintain your vitality, energy, strength, and overall wellness.

Get Your Levels Checked Regularly

The only way you will know if your levels are where they should be is by getting those levels tested often. Getting blood work done and finding this information out can help you learn what your baseline is, and it can help you make adjustments quicker should you notice that they drop slightly. You should speak to your doctor about your individual plan, but for general wellness, have your levels checked every 3-6 months.

Train Regularly with Weights

If you don’t want to lose it, then keep using it. There have been numerous studies that have proven that weight training consistently can help you maintain or even elevate your testosterone levels. Yes, it can even support your sexual ambitions. One study from 2012 concluded that physically active subjects were able to produce more semen and create an environment for hypertrophy. (1)

Eat the Right Foods

This isn’t only about eating a balanced diet. There are several specific foods that will be allies in your testosterone supporting efforts. These include fatty fish such as salmon, leafy vegetables, eggs, avocados, berries, and pomegranates. 

The most important thing to do is to have a balance of protein, fats, and carbs (yes, carbs) from natural sources. Eating enough protein will not only support your levels, but it will also help you maintain muscle and lose weight, which can also help your cause. (2) Eating healthy fats from natural sources will enhance both your cardiovascular health and your sexual health. (3) 

Then, there’s the dreaded “C” word. Carbohydrates can actually be your friends as well. Studies have determined that when you support your training efforts with carbohydrates pre-workout, your testosterone levels can be optimized. (4)

Smart Supplementation

Using supplements can play a big supporting role for your training and nutrition efforts. They can be a safe and smart way to get the ingredients you need from one source. BPI has been proven to provide quality sports nutrition products that can help you be your best. A-HD and Mike O’Hearn’s Test Booster provide natural ingredients that can impact your testosterone levels in a positive way. Combine the previous steps with either of these great products, and you’ll be supporting your wellness in the best way possible.

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