BPI Sports Announces 5 Products Are Now Available at Walmart

October 03, 2022

BPI Sports products at Walmart

By Roger Lockridge


For eight years, BPI has been privileged to make their top-quality supplements available for customers at Walmart. This move offered yet another way that BPI could play a positive role in helping people reach their fitness goals. In the eyes of BPI executive Whitney Reid, a genuine motive to make a difference along with the top-of-the-line preworkout known as 1MR were two reasons why this relationship was manifested.

When Chris and I first went to Walmart in 2013 to pitch the brand, we were young and naive. We honestly had no clue of what we were doing but our authenticity to the space secured the deal. Chris, being the best pitchman in the biz showed Wal-Mart the dollars they were missing by not selling any nationally known preworkout products. At that time, they didn’t even have a true Pre on shelf. We pitched them on 1MR and the rest was history.”

Best Aminos

Now in 2022, BPI is making history again by offering an unprecedented five products that will be available at Walmart stores nationwide. They include products from Mike O’Hearn’s Titan Series,which is now the first athlete specific brand to be offered on Walmart shelves. 

- Best Aminos from BPI Sports - Our top rated Best BCAA formula with added Glutamine.

- Shredding Gel from BPI Sports - Topical firming and tightening cream that works great for those trying to bring it home.

Shredding Gel

- Pump Formula from Mike O'Hearn - Non-stim pre workout for the sickest pumps in the gym.

- Test Booster from Mike O'Hearn - Self-explanatory. Great product for those looking to main optimal health and performance.

- Muscle & Joint Fix from Mike O'Hearn - recover faster and bullet proof your joints.

Muscle and Joing Fix, Test Booster, Pump Formula

BPI’s additions will now offer even more opportunities to help their customers build muscle, lose fat, and support their wellness ambitions. Reid feels the same about BPI’s connection to Walmart today as he did after that first meeting, and he also projects that it can only get better from here.

“I foresee this set to continue to grow, making Walmart the ultimate destination for serious sports nutrition brands and consumers.”

For more information about these supplements as well as all the supplements that BPI offers, go to 

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