Smart Pre-Workout Supplementation with Pump Formula is Key to Successful Training and Longevity

Pump Formula is key!
Pump Formula is key!

The most popular category in the supplement industry in the 21st century is the pre-workout category. Taking a quality pre-workout supplement before a hard training session can help you make the most out of that session, which can increase your confidence and propel you closer to achieving the goals you set for yourself.

However, sometimes blessings are also curses. Because of the pre-workout boom, many brands focused on the amount of caffeine and having the product that can be promoted for providing the biggest boost in energy. They equated energy to intensity, which made for great marketing in their eyes. Then, it became a race to see who could pack the most caffeine in their products. While consumers may have thought they were taking the right product, they were making that assessment with the wrong factor.

Mike O'Hearn Holding Pump Formula

Mike O’Hearn has been in the fitness and bodybuilding space for 40 years. He’s seen many people walk in and out the door along the way. Yet, he’s still revered as an icon, legend, and he’s also still as relevant as ever, if not more so. Many people training wants to be better both now and later. So, “Titan” would be the ultimate source of information to learn from. O’Hearn is actually not a big believer in the hype that comes with these caffeine-loaded pre-workouts.

“If you come home from work at 5:00 and you’re completely destroyed, is that because you need more caffeine, and that is what it is, or is your body telling you that you’re tired?” O’Hearn asked. The former Natural Universe winner and American Gladiator is a big advocate in responding to the signals that your body is telling you instead of overriding it. Before you ask if it’s more important to train, he answers that question for you.

“No, it’s more important to listen to your body,” he explained. “It’s more important to not override the body.”

Instead of complaining and then doing nothing about it, O’Hearn and BPI Sports opted to provide the solution, and thus, O’Hearn’s Titan Approved Pump Formula was born. With quality ingredients like Citrulline Malate, Glycerol, and Velvet Bean extract, Pump Formula is designed with helping consumers have quality workouts without the liquid courage effect that come with many pre-workouts on the market today.

“(Pump Formula) will set you up so that you can maintain and keep your ego in check and do enough work to transform your body to build it better,” O’Hearn shared. He also makes it a priority to give some credit to where it’s due, the people he has learned from along the way.

“The 40 years of being around the greatest in the world like I have and taking what works, and what does not work, adding in what is my own, has allowed me to create something that gives you just enough of what you need,”

 Pump Formula

Another advantage to taking Pump Formula is that because it is non-stim, you can take it later in the day, have a productive training session, and still be able to go to sleep at a decent hour, which we all know is paramount to recovery and improvement.

“That’s why Pump Formula, my pre-workout, is the best on the market, hands down,” O’Hearn said emphatically. Taking Pump Formula will serve you well any time of the day as well as for a long time to come. As O’Hearn himself says, “time wins all.”

Check out Pump Formula, as well as the entire Titan Series, here.

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