Tips For A Solid Diet Plan

Tips For A Solid Diet Plan

When you hear someone say they are “on a diet,” you assume they are trying to lose weight.  In truth the word “diet” really describes all the food you consume.  However just like a workout plan can be tailored to a specific goal, a diet plan can do the same.  But with summer here, chances are anyone “on a diet” is trying to get lean and have their abs showing – so here’s some food-for-thought as we enter peak weight-loss season

Number 1: Calories are King 

After 30 years in the fitness industry working with athletes and competing myself, one thing I’ve found undeniable is calories consumed vs calories burned is the simplest equation for body composition.  In a bulking phase you’ll want to be in a calorie surplus eating more calories than you burn, in a wight loss phase you’ll want to be in a calorie deficit burning more calories than you consume in each day.  So, if you’re looking to get lean, you can either consume less calories or burn more calories to effect the equation!

For years consumers have turned to traditional “diet-pills” which can be an effective decision.  Most of these products are designed to rev-up your metabolism.  Some micronutrients, like caffeine for example, have been shown to stimulate the metabolic rate (similar to the effect of modest exercise) which will trigger your body to burn some extra calories through the day.  BPI’s RoxyLean and B4 products fit nicely into this niche of thermogenic support products.

Number 2: Look for More than Just Energy from Your Supplements

While the calorie-burning support from the stimulant component of a diet pill is great, there are other avenues where supplements can bring value.  Over the years I’ve looked for my supplements to help curb appetite, balance blood sugar, enhance fat metabolism and spark fat loss.  

Two ingredients I love are Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Extract.  I’ve incorporated these in my efforts to balance blood sugar levels, theoretically helping to prevent the body from storing calories as fat.  I look to ingredients like Saffron, White Kidney Bean and fiber (from various sources) help me control cravings and feel less hungry during the day, even when I’m cutting back on calories.

Number 3: Attack the Fat

While everyone may focus on “getting shredded” I’ve always focus on Body Composition – which to me means holding on to the most muscle mass while carrying the lowest amount of body fat.  In my eyes, the two best tools for this are undoubtedly CLA and Carnitine.  CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) may promote the breaking down of fat and slow down the creation of fat; and L-carnitine (a natural amino acid ) shown to help convert fat into energy.  I incorporate these as my break-it-down-and-burn-it-up strategy to attack bodyfat.  I humbly brag that BPI Sports has been a leader in CLA+Carntine supplementation for most of the last decade!  And because there is no stimulant-effect to either of these nutrients, they are a nice complement to metabolism-boosting diet products. 

Number 4: Do the Work

But of course, I’ve always found the most tangible way to get leaner, stay lean, improve body composition, and look your best is through clean eating and proper exercise.  As always, I recommend you check with your doc if you have any question or concerns about any supplements or exercise plans.  But I will tell you this…  when I’ve add some extra cardio to my workout plan, cut out the bad eating and get the supplement-strategy dialed-in, I generally see the results pretty fast! 

This blog was written by Chris MacKenzie, an employee of BPI Sports. The facts and opinions in this blog, are Chris's personal opinions and should not be interpreted as a communication from BPI Sports LLC.

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