What are the Different Divisions in bodybuilding?

December 07, 2022

India and Kamal Divisions

Bodybuilding is a popular sport that has been around for many years. It involves intense physical training and involves competitors striving to achieve the best physique for their specific weight and height class. As the sport has evolved, different divisions of bodybuilding have been created to allow for more options for athletes to compete. This article will explore the different divisions of bodybuilding, from men’s bodybuilding to women’s bodybuilding and beyond. We will discuss the different requirements for each division, the different categories within each division, and how to best prepare for competition in each division. By reading this article, you will gain an understanding of the differences between the various bodybuilding divisions and how to best prepare for each. Let's get ready for the #MrOlympia next week.

1. Men’s Physique: This division is focused on presenting a balanced physique with emphasis on muscle shape, symmetry and overall aesthetics.

2. Classic Physique: This category is best for those with a classic bodybuilder look, emphasizing on a combination of proportion, muscle mass and classic poses.

Kamal 212 Champion

3. Men’s Bodybuilding + 212: This is the most popular and well-known division, as it focuses on massive muscle size and symmetry. The 212 division includes a weight restriction of 212lbs to complete

4. Women’s Physique: Women’s physique division is like women’s bodybuilding, it just creates a package that Is more attainable, in a smaller more compact package.

5. Women’s Bodybuilding: This division is similar to the Men’s Bodybuilding division, but is tailored to female athletes.

6. Figure: This category emphasizes on muscular definition, shape and symmetry. Figure athletes are lean, with striations and muscle separation.

7. Fitness: This division is focused on overall physical fitness and includes a combination of choreographed routines, a unique costume and presentation.

India Paulino

8. Bikini: This category is focused on presenting a lean, toned body with emphasis on muscle shape, symmetry and overall aesthetics.

9.Women's Wellness - The desirable look and aesthetic goal for this division are focused on physiques that have a developed upper body, but a very muscularly developed lower body.

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