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What is Hydrolyzed Protein and Why Use it?

What is Hydrolyzed Protein and Why Use it?

Perhaps you’ve heard of “hydrolyzed whey protein,” or perhaps you chose not to think too much about it because after all, protein is protein, right?  Well not exactly. 


Protein, whether from whole foods or protein powders, can vary tremendously in quality, calorie count, amino acid profile and speed of digestion.  Most dietitians would agree that a healthy diet includes various protein sources – but understanding the nuances of your protein options will definitely help you get the most out of your diet and efforts in the gym!


Most commercially available protein powders are some form of “Whey Protein.”  Whey is a product of the dairy industry and is commonly produced as milk is processed into cheese.  The cheese part, or the curd, is separated along with a significant portion of the naturally occurring fat and lactose, leaving a liquid that is high in protein percentage.  This liquid can be processed into a powder, known as Whey Protein Concentrate or WPC; which has become a popular supplement for athletes due to the high percentage of protein in relation to fats and carbohydrates. 


Consumers have also become fond of Whey Protein Isolate – which simply put, is an even cleaner version of WPC with an extra round of refinement to remove additional fats and lactose/carbs, and “isolate” more protein.  ISOs are great for those watching every calorie, or with an aversion to lactose.


Because getting protein into the muscles as fast as possible is a priority for many athletes and bodybuilders, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein has been gaining popularity.  Through a process known as hydrolysis, the naturally occurring protein chains are broken down into smaller fractions, which digest faster and speed-up shuttling protein into the muscles.  


In recent years, hydrolyzed protein powders have been grabbing the attention of strength athletes.  BPI Sports and its parent company Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals are positioned pioneers in this space with products like Hydro HD™.  By using whey protein which is enhanced through hydrolysis to have smaller, faster digesting, and cleaner protein molecules, BPI feels it has the perfect protein option for post workout and first meal of the day!  Two usage occasions where athletes are primed for rapid absorption of protein and the component amino acids. 


Having trained alongside world-class bodybuilders, I’ve seen firsthand the importance these elite athletes put on protein consumption.  Nutrient Timing has always been a big buzzword in the industry, and implementing hydrolyzed whey proteins adds new layer of precision to the timing strategy.  Having a protein that can move expeditiously through the gut and into the muscles is a powerful tool for rebuilding and repairing muscles. 


While whole food proteins and other protein-powders have tremendous value in a healthy diet, I firmly believe that hydrolyzed protein powders hit the nail on the head when rapid protein uptake is the goal.  Not to mention that any time a protein-rich food can deliver a taste this delicious, it’s almost a treat; or at least a pleasant option to the chicken and rice meals we all tote around in Tupperware, lol.

This blog was written by Chris MacKenzie, an employee of BPI Sports. The facts and opinions in this blog, are Chris's personal opinions and should not be interpreted as a communication from BPI Sports LLC.

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