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Proper form in your workouts

Are you using proper form in your workouts?

If you are new to the gym, here are a few tips on how to execute some popular exercises. You have probably h...

Unboxing supplement video

Want to stay in shape all year round?

Have you ever wondered what supplements CEO Chris Mackenzie uses to stay in shape year-round? Watch this unb...

Learn more about our weekend sale

State of BPI Sports with CEO Chris MacKenzie - May Update

Check out this quick video from CEO Chris Mackenzie to learn more about our new website and our Memorial Day...

Interview with Will Curtis

Amputee who became Teen Nationals Champ

If you need a little motivation for your next training session or your next show, check out our one-on-one i...

Getting ready for summer banner


Going to the gym during the summer when the weather is hot and sunny can be a real struggle. Who wants to st...